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Dr. Fermo provides treatment for adults, geriatrics, adolescents, and children He addresses the most important and personal needs of his clients to help improve coping skills, improve their level of functioning, and to help them live for filling lives. Dr. Fermo delivers the most compassionate and supportive care in an environment that respects the patient's dignity and independence. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, mood disorder, ADHD, or bipolar disorder Dr. Fermo is here to help.


We provide mental health services to address

the following conditions below...

• Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment (Diagnostic and Treatment options)
• Psychiatric Medication Management (Psychopharmacology)
• Telemedicine (live virtual appointments)
• Privatized Care
• Psychoeducation of mental conditions, disease states, comorbidity, and treatment interventions
• Making appropriate referrals if necessary, i.e. psychotherapists, psychological or educational testing, neuropsychological testing or other specialists.

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adults and Children)
• Anxiety Disorders
• Major Depression
• Bipolar Disorder
• Sleep Disorders
• Panic Disorder
• Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
• Social Anxiety Disorder
• Tourette’s or Tic Disorder
• Autism Spectrum Disorders

• Post-partum Depression
• Disruptive Behavioral Disorders
• Academic Problems
• Occupational Problems
• Impulse-Control Disorders
• Schizophrenia or Psychotic Disorders
• Substance Use Disorders
• Eating Disorders
• Weight Problems
• Other Psychiatric Disorders

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