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What to bring to my appointment?

Completed Intake form; Insurance card/Payment; Proof of ID; Signed consent forms; Agreement to Office Policies; Rating Scales; Medical information-Past psychiatric and medical records if you have them i.e. psychological testing or educational testing; list of the medications you're taking now; if guardian brings legal custodial documents.


What are your fees? Do you accept Insurance?

We only accept insurance most Blue Cross Blue Shields insurances such as State Plans, most Federal Plans there are few acceptations i.e. Boeing employees who use BCBS-VALUE OPTIONS. It is best to check with your carrier prior to your appointment. We can however provide a receipt of service to be filed for out-of-network with your insurance company. Exceptions: Government insurances such as Medicare, Tricare, Medicaid (Patient must sign a waver)


What is the Cancellation Policy?

When booking an appointment, you are reserving Dr. Fermo’s time to be exclusive with you and to avail yourself of his expertise and knowledge. If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, Dr. Fermo asks for 48 hours notice of cancellation. Unless the cancellation is due to serious illness or other extenuating circumstances, the full session fee is applied.


How can I contact Dr. Fermo in an emergency?


Imminent danger to self or others

Patient need inpatient hospitalization in a psychiatric facility 

Significant medication side effects


What if I have a difficult time getting my medication because it is not on my formulary or if it requires prior authorization?

With exception of an emergency or significant side effects, please do not ask the Doctor to change medications based on a Telephone conversation, this is not conducive to good patient care. Changes may be made at the next appointment time. 


What if I need a refill on my medications?

Fermo Psychiatric Solutions will write the original RX with enough refills to last until the time for the next appointment. Before calling our office, please check the RX bottle for the number of refills remaining and or call the pharmacy.  Stimulants (Adderall, Focalin, Vyvanse, or Concerta, etc) cannot be refilled or called in. If you need a new RX for a stimulant before the next appointment time, you must call our office. Please do not request a full refill just before your appointment as the medications may be changed. Refills may be denied if the appointment has been missed or overdue.


What if I lose my prescription?

There is a $25.00 fee for all written refills. This fee applies to each patient and will cover all the necessary RX for the patient at that time. (INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER THIS CHARGE, IT WILL COME OUT OF THE PATIENTS POCKET).

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